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4G 5G IOT Development And Verification:

5G and IOT Integration' is defining the next generation communication world. The Endless Possibilities in these domains offer immense growth for every technology organization.

We offer our expert Services on both Development and Quality Assurance fronts for these domains

    Product Verification Areas:

  • UE Conformance Testing/Modem testing
  • eNB/gNB Testing
  • Core Networks of 4G/5G
  • SIP IMS Components Testing
  • IOT/NB-IOT Device Testing
  • TTCN3/Python Scripting Based Testing

    Product Development Areas:

  • 5G IMS IOT Protocol Stacks
  • Cloud Nodes Design and Development
  • Open RAN Stacks
  • IOT Sensor and Cloud Integration of Products

Corporate Trainings:

Continuous Learning Environement for the human resources is very crucial for any technology firm. Its important for the organizations to conduct regular trainings on upcoming technologies. This will enable the organizations to execute time critical projects in a smoother manner.

TCLOUD offers highly methodical corporate trainings which will help the organizations to improve the skill level of their R&D teams.

We also offer 15days/20days/1month critical technolgy training for fresh graduates of your organization who got recruited out of universities.

Please Contact us to know more details on corporate trainings.

Training Areas:

  • 5G/4G Advanced
  • IMS
  • TTCN3
  • Python
  • Routing&Switching
  • MPLS
  • Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence

Consulting & Outsourcing:

Identifying the right resources for a position is always critical. A Misstep here might cost the project execution dearly. In the World of deeper Technology skills, it is time consuming task for any organization to find good resources.

TCLOUD's technical expertise and, Commited human resource team would come in handy for you in this patient task.

These are the areas in which we can provide human resources on an immediate basis!Please Contect us for more information!

  • 5G/4G/IMS R&D
  • IOT R&D
  • TTCN3 / Python Scripting
  • Routing and Swithing R&D